Welcome to Energy Aura

"When you choose to enter the journey of Energy Field Healing and awareness, I can intuitively guide you on a deeper discovery of  yourself, helping to clear away your blocks and restrictions and activating your deeper natural healing abilities.   This new found awareness and energy flow brings healing to mind, body and soul.

I look forward to the opportunity to help you."

About Lorraine

"Born and raised in the West Midlands,   I was intuitive as a child to people and places.  It was later in life, when pursuing my own spiritual journey, that I began to explore what these intuitive feelings were." More...

"This form of healing will activate your own natural healing ability, leading to a sense of well being on all levels."

Energy Field Healing

Energy Field Healing is a specialist therapy that works with the human energy field (Aura).

As an energy field healer, Lorraine is sensitive to the subtle vibrations of the aura and can sense energy imbalance, blocks and misalignments.

Lorraine is a mobile healer covering the Kidderminster area.

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